The Kirtland Temple


Dedicated in 1836 as a House of Prayer, Learning, and Order;

Today is a National Historic Landmark where visitors still come to pray and worship, as well as learn about the history of the first Latter Day Saint Temple.

Come and tour inside this space held sacred by millions, and learn about the history of the community who built it.  All are welcome in the House of the Lord.

7809 Joseph Street

Kirtland, OH 44094




Historic Site

Planning a visit to tour the Temple?  Our basic tour costs $5 per person.  These preservation fees help us care for the Temple.  


historic site

hours of operation:

January & February – Closed

March through April
Wed - Sat 10AM - 4PM
Sunday 1PM - 4PM
Closed Mondays, Tuesdays, & Easter

May through October
Mon - Sat 9AM - 5PM
Sunday 1PM - 5PM

Wed - Sat 10AM - 4PM
Sunday 1PM - 4PM
Closed Mondays, Tuesdays, & Thanksgiving 

Wed - Sun 1PM - 4PM
AM Group Tours by appointment:
Closed Mondays & Tuesdays, Christmas Eve & Christmas

We also hold worship services throughout the year, and invite everyone to attend.  Click here to learn more.

SPiritual Formation CenTER

The Kirtland Temple continues as a centering place to gather in, to dwell in God's Spirit, to then go forth in Christ's mission.

Through group and personal spiritual retreats, as well as small group gatherings, The Spiritual Formation Center at the Temple serves as a resource of formation and renewal for the Church.

Spiritual formation at the Temple has a long legacy.  The builders of the Kirtland Temple wanted to be restore the spiritual experiences of the Bible.  Key among their hopes was to experience a Day of Pentecost (Acts 2).   

The Bible tells us that the original followers of Jesus, known as 'saints,' gathered at the Temple in Jerusalem; the Latter Day Saints mirrored their experience by building the Kirtland Temple where they, too, could tarry until they were endowed or clothed with the Holy Spirit (Luke 24:49).  They felt that this endowment was necessary, so that they could then go forth into the world filled with God's power to share the message of Jesus Christ.  

In Community of Christ today, we seek that same Spirit to lead us in the mission of Christ.  The Spirit is available everywhere: but the Kirtland Temple is a place of heritage and special significance, where peace is encountered by all who enter with open hearts. 


Please visit the Spiritual Formation Center's website to learn more: