Basement to Bell Tower View.jpg

Basement to Bell Tower Tour

Climb into the crawl spaces on either side of the vaulted ceilings. Wander down into the basement and view the stone pillars and log supports. Climb up the narrow, winding stairs of the belfry. Weather permitting, open the door of the bell tower, and peak out at the scenery from the top of the Temple.

This is our signature specialty tour. The Preservation Fee for this Tour is $200 for 1-4 participants, $250 for 5 participants, and $300 for 6 participants. Maximum group size is 6. All proceeds go to the ongoing preservation of the Kirtland Temple.

It lasts 2-3 hours. We highly recommend that you wear clothes that can get dirty, and shoes that are good for scrambling.

To book the Basement to Bell Tower tour, email us at We normally hold this tour on Saturdays, but it's possible to book it with enough notice on other days of the week.