Hold Your Own Worship Service in the Kirtland Temple.

Community of Christ groups are always welcome to worship in the Temple with advance notice.  There is no cost, but we welcome an offering towards the Temple.

Other members of the Restoration (LDS, Restorationist, etc.) are invited to hold a service in the Temple for a Temple Use Fee.  We require insurance, and a signature from an ecclesiastical authority such as a bishop, stake president, pastor, presiding elder, etc.

Temple Use Fees for these worship services account for a major portion of our budget to preserve and share the Temple.  The Temple Use Fee is a base price of $100, plus $1 per person per hour.  All participants also must purchase a tour of the Temple for $5.

So, for example, a group of 20 meeting in the Temple for 2 hours would cost $240.


To request a rental of the Temple, please fill out the form below.  If accepted, we will send you the necessary paperwork.

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