General Tour

For our specialty tours, see below

Our General Interpretive Tour of the Kirtland Temple begins with a brief theater presentation at the Kirtland Temple Visitor Center.

Following the video presentation, historic interpreters lead a forty to fifty minute walking tour through the temple gardens and historic structure. Visitors explore the upper and lower courts of the temple, while learning about the construction and multiple uses of the temple by the 1830’s community.

A preservation fee of $5.00 per person is requested at the beginning of the tour. Preservation passes are provided at the Kirtland Temple Visitor Center. All proceeds go to the ongoing preservation of the Kirtland Temple.

Tour reservations required for groups exceeding 15 persons.  To request a tour, please use the form below:



Only use this form for groups over 15.  Smaller groups can walk-in.

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Group tours are only at the top of the hour, to save space for walk-in families and individuals.
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Basement to Bell Tower Tour

Climb into the crawl spaces on either side of the vaulted ceilings.  Wander down into the basement and view the stone pillars and log supports.  Climb up the narrow, winding stairs of the belfry.  Weather permitting, open the door of the bell tower, and peak out at the scenery from the top of the Temple. 

This is our signature specialty tour.  The Preservation Fee for this Tour is $200 for 1-4 participants, $250 for 5 participants, and $300 for 6 participants.  Maximum group size is 6.  All proceeds go to the ongoing preservation of the Kirtland Temple.

It lasts 2-3 hours.  We highly recommend that you wear clothes that can get dirty, and shoes that are good for scrambling. 

To book the Basement to Bell Tower tour, email us at  We normally hold this tour on Saturdays, but it's possible to book it with enough notice on other days of the week.



Streets of the Saints

Historical interpreters lead visitors through the historic neighborhood around the Temple.  When you walk with one of our guides, you'll discover that the historic streets and homes have stories to tell about early life in the Kirtland community.  Please allow yourself ninety minutes for the tour. Tour limited to ten persons.  Please dress comfortably. Preservation Fee for this Tour: $5.00 per person, reservation required, weather permitting.  All proceeds go to the ongoing preservation of the Kirtland Temple.  For reservations, email 



Handyman Tour

We're not supposed to advertise this tour.  If you ask to take it, we'll turn you down twice before saying "yes" to your third request.  Booking is sketchy--we have to hunt down the handyman.  But, if you're able to go, the handyman is going to show you things that no other tour will ever cover.  Preservation Fee for this Tour: $10, and a sense of humor.  Ask at the front desk, but don't tell your friends: let's keep this exclusive.


Cemetery Tour

A sixty minute tour that encompasses the stories of the 19th century Latter Day Saints buried in the cemetery next to the temple. Hear about the tragic death of Joseph Coe, the theatrics of Increase Van Deusen, the will of Charlotte Bond, and the dedication of John Johnson. Please allow yourself sixty minutes for the tour. Tour is limited to fifteen persons, reservations required. Preservation Fee for this Tour: $10.00 per person.  All proceeds go to the ongoing preservation of the Kirtland Temple.  For reservations, email