Kirtland Temple
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The Mercantile Museum Store

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Photo of the Mercantile in the Visitor Center.
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Located in the Kirtland Temple Visitor Center, the Mercantile includes a variety of educational items related to the Temple and the early religious community. Books, tinware and pottery reproductions, 19th century reprints, interior and exterior images, and stationary are just a few quality items available for purchase to remind you of your visit. Proceeds from the Museum Store help to preserve the Kirtland Temple.

We stock...

  • Tin ware including reproduction lanterns, betty lamps, and foot warmers

  • Printed material, including facsimiles of Kirtland Safety Society Anti-banking Company notes

  • Reprints of 1830s Kirtland broadsides such as the Kirtland Temple prayer of dedication

  • Photographs and prints of the Temple, both recent and historic (reproduced)

  • Reprints of the 1934 HABS (Historical American Buildings Survey) Kirtland Temple measured drawings

  • A limited amount of Kirtland Temple commemorative material, such as models of the Temple

  • T-shirts, models, and cards.

We also carry a large selection of scholarly books about Kirtland Temple and related subjects; with a particular strength in the earliest days of the Latter Day Saint movement, 1830-1844. We carry titles from many publishers, including Herald House, Signature Books, University of Illinois, BYU Studies and Deseret Books, as well as numerous privately printed titles. For information about mail orders, please internet here.




Kirtland Temple Mission Statement:
Engaging visitors in the legacy of the Kirtland Temple, embracing the sacred and secular significance of the historic site, and promoting religious tolerance and open dialogue among all people.

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